Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award celebrates emerging talents who have demonstrated exceptional skills, initiative, and potential in their respective fields. This award recognises individuals who, though early in their careers, have shown the potential to become future leaders or industry trailblazers. The nominee must have spent no more than five years working in the confectionery industry.

Assessment Criteria:

Entries will be judged based on:

  1. Achievements to Date: Notable accomplishments in their field, even if early in their career.
  2. Potential & Ambition: Demonstrated promise and aspiration for future contributions and leadership.
  3. Innovation & Creativity: Fresh perspectives, new ideas, or novel solutions brought to challenges.
  4. Commitment to Growth: Dedication to personal development, continued learning and skills enhancement.
  5. Presentation: An articulate, structured, and compelling narrative of the nominee’s journey, aspirations, and vision.
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