Pooja in Saree

Pooja Shimpi

Founder of SyberNow, Award-winning DEI advocate

Pooja Shimpi is the Founder and CEO of SyberNow, an accomplished cybersecurity expert with a global reputation. She has expertise in managing human aspects in cybersecurity & believes it is important to understand & strengthen the human element to defend against sophisticated cyber-attacks. SyberNow is dedicated to specialising in cybersecurity awareness and mindfulness training and elevates organisation’s security culture.  

She is an award-winning Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocate and an inspiration to many individuals. She has led various programs such as “Global Mentoring for Cybersecurity Program”, “Protege for Women in Cybersecurity”, and ISC2 Mentorship Programs. Her prior roles include VP, ISO for APAC region with expertise in Governance, Risk & Compliance domain and has worked with MNC’s such as Citi Bank, State Street Bank, ANZ Bank, Macquarie Bank and she is an international speaker on wide range of topics in cybersecurity.  

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