Association of the year

The Association of the Year Award aims to recognise an association/alliance/committee/federation or any non-profit business that have displayed exceptional performance, 
innovative strategies, and a profound positive impact in the security industry over the past year.

Assessment Criteria:

Judges will evaluate submissions based on:

  1. Industry Leadership and Advocacy: Demonstrates leadership in the security industry, including efforts in advocacy, setting standards, or influencing policy that positively impacts the industry.
  2. Member Support and Engagement: Provides exceptional support and resources to its members, fosters active engagement, and facilitates professional development and networking opportunities.
  3. Innovation and Initiative: Shows innovation in its initiatives, programs, or services offered to members and the industry, addressing current challenges and anticipating future needs.
  4. Contribution to Industry Growth and Development: Makes significant contributions to the growth and development of the security industry, evidenced by tangible results such as industry research, educational programs, or collaborative projects/campaigns.
  5. Presentation: Clarity, coherence, and impactful representation of the entry.
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